Welcome to the first ever pharmaceutical company to provide anabolic medicine with pharmaceutical quality. All products are tested by third party accredited laboratories that can be proven with documentation.

Anabolic medicine has a legitimate therapeutic use, but over the years the medicine has become scientifically engineered to meet the standards of athletes to increase performance. Considering legitimate pharmaceutical companies did not have a need to justify the synthesis of such compounds for medicine, the industry went underground.  Since the birth of underground anabolic steroids, there has been a lot of variance with regards to standardized quality control. Our company’s objective is to raise the bar of standardized quality by improving laboratory environments and holding raw material companies to higher standards.

Our company’s focus is in the Latin American market where the products are legal to sell and not controlled in many countries.  We work with many branded, licensed distributors and pharmacies in Latin America.  We are dedicated to provide the best in service while educating our partners to provide the best customer service in the industry.