Testosterone A100

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Testosterone Acetate is basically testosterone that has a faster rate of absorption in the body then other esters. It has a peak of 12 hours so it would require you to inject daily to keep your testosterone levels somewhat consistent. Mg per Mg you will have more available testosterone with Acetate then you all have with any ester based testosterones. 100mg of Testosterone Acetate will feel different than 100mg of Testosterone Propionate.

A benefit of Testosterone Acetate is that many users feel less pain at the injection site. The Propionate Ester is not tolerated well by many people so this could be a great substitute. Another benefit is the clearance rate of this Ester is favorable for tested athletes. An important note to take is that Testosterone Acetate will also aromatize a lot faster than the other Esters so you will have to take precautions if you are trying to manage estrogen based side effects. 100mg of Acetate is a lot stronger then Enanthate so incorporate an anti-estrogen or anti-aromatase in conjunction with testosterone therapy.

Each mL contains
100mg of Testosterone Acetate
15% Benzyl Benzoate USP
2%Benzyl AlcoholUSP