The Truth about Anabolic Steroids in the 21st Century

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The manufacturing of steroids today is different than what many believe. There are definitely people that know the underground secrets, but most people and companies who sell products use deception and lack integrity when selling their products. There is some important information that you need to understand so you can make the safest selection for your health. This is medicine and you put it in your body so you better be aware of the manufacturing processes that exist for these medicines.
First, it is important to understand that none of these companies carry licensing that a real Pharmaceutical company must have in order to operate business. Many of the products used in the industry are not even approved for medical usage. A good example is Trenbolone Acetate. It is possible that a company can make their own laboratory or use another laboratory to manufacture products. The problem is that there is no way that you are able to know if they use best practices. For example: Is the raw material really made to USP standards? Does the product have the purity that they claim? Are the conditions build to GMP Standards? All will claim they follow such protocols, but you do not know. You are taking a risk. The goal for the buyer is to mitigate the risks by asking the company specific questions about manufacturing. If they cannot answer the questions then you that should give you a warning. We will get to those questions later in the article.
What are some myths about the manufacturing of these products and what can you do to make the best decisions about which products are best.
Myth #1. The company will claim the product is from Europe or Germany because they are known to produce good quality products. Some examples: Europa Quality is a brand that tries to make reference to Europe to make people believe it is a good product. Nothing can be further than the truth. Another thing you may see is the box will suggest that it is manufactured in Germany. If that were the case you can contact the company by phone or email and ask them for proof and identification # for their company and you can track it.
Myth #2. Companies or sellers will try to post laboratory analysis of purity, dosing or contaminants simply buy showing a photo. Well, anyone can produce an exact replica of a test and point to any company that did the testing. Where is the proof? If you can contact the company that sells the product and they can provide you with details on how the testing was done, in what environment, what machines were used and how they determined the quantitative analysis then you have a legitimate company. If they only post a photo in this millennium, that is not trustworthy.
Myth #3 Companies use another form of marketing deception buy creating products with very high dosed steroids. For an example: Testosterone 400 or other blends with 600mg of product in 1mL. There are reasons why legitimate pharmaceutical companies do not go over 200mg when compounding anabolic steroids. If they put 600mgs of steroids into 1mL of solution the pain would be unbearable or it will not suspend in the solution. That is if they used a safe compounding protocol. Using high amounts of alcohol preparations is not a safe way to make medicine. There are other solvents used like Guaiacol and Ethyl Oleate to increase solubility. Make sure you do your research on these compounds so you know what you are taking. There is also another reason why a pharmaceutical company would not follow this practice. However, with some research I have personally found that high dosed anabolic preparations do not have what they claim. If you can take an injection with no pain the day after then most likely you are not injecting the label’s claim.
Myth #4. Multiple Ester blends. So because you get 4 different types of Testosterone you are getting more for your dollar. Because the esters have different half-lives you get the advantage of many peaks. I want to write on this topic for a couple of reasons. The claims do have validity, but they do not tell you the complete story. Another marketing deception to get you to buy.
Let us look at the first assumption. You are getting 4 different types of testosterone. Well, let me stress the Testosterone is Testosterone. There is only one chemical structure. The Ester attached controls the release of the medicine. Multiple peaks are great if you understand the dosing of the product. The way most people take the medicine they will not receive the benefit of multiple peaks. Also, it is much more difficult to control with 4 variables then if you focused only on one Ester like Propionate or Enanthate. For some reason or another people seem to believe one type of Testosterone is better than the other. The reality is you need to know how to use it and when. I am sure there are various opinions, but for the sake of this article, 1 type is not better than the other just because you receive 4 Esters.
These are just some of the fallacies in the industry that people need to learn about and understand. There are great products out there, but for the purpose of business and making money, many will deceive to make sales. This is the case with many types of businesses but when it comes to medicine that you put in your body it is a lot more sensitive. There are questions that every company should be able to answer. If they cannot then I strongly advise you to keep looking.
• Questions to ask a company before you make a purchase

1. Where does your raw material come from? This is a great question because depending on the answer you know if you are dealing with an honest seller
2. If the answer is not China or I do not know then more lies are sure to follow.
3. Ask very specific questions about how they manage their quality. What is the purity of your raw material? How do you know that to be true? What practices do you use to ensure sterility? They should be able to give you specific information and a timeline on what they have specifically done to know they have that purity. Not a fake Photoshop photo. Not somebody’s test level report. Real information backed by science. You will know from the answer they give if they have real chemists involved in their business or they are just passing products. What you are looking for is honesty. Not X Pro uses this etc. Actually, most pros who sponsor gear do not even use the brand they sponsor.
4. Are you a reseller or do you manufacture your own products? Well, it is difficult enough to manage product consistency and trust. If a company or website sell many different products be aware. That is very risky. Go for quality over a company who deals in quantity.

The manufacturing of steroids today is different than what many believe. There are definitely people that know the underground secrets, but most people and companies who sell products use deception and lack integrity when selling their products. There is some